Thursday, May 15, 2014

IRS Scandal Update

Time for some recent links about the IRS scandal and the various efforts of the Republicans in the House to make some progress in its investigation of this debacle.  Here are a couple links, courtesy of Instapundit, on different aspects of this issue:

First, a Town Hall article highlighting the liberal media's intentional distortion of the topic (and others) in an effort to make Republicans out to be the bad guys. 

In the second article, Pepperdine University law professor Paul Caron, writing in the USA Today, provides a detailed, though readily understandable and concise, of the scandal.  Here's a powerful excerpt:
Today's news media are largely ignoring the IRS scandal, and it is impossible to have confidence in the current investigations by the FBI, Justice Department, and House committee. I am not suggesting that the current scandal in the end will rise to the level of Watergate. But the allegations are serious, and fair-minded Americans of both parties should agree that a thorough investigation needs to be undertaken to either debunk them or confirm them.

Step one should be to give Lois Lerner full immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony. And then let the chips fall where they may.