Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Economic Freedom Works, Big Government Doesn't

With a hat tip to the folks at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, here's an excerpt from a Washington Times piece comparing the economic performance of small government countries with big government countries:
As can be seen in the table, rising per-capita incomes, economic growth and low levels of unemployment are more often associated with smaller, not larger, government and economic freedom. Numerous studies show that as government grows as a percentage of GDP (above about 25 percent), economic growth and job creation slow, not rise. The same thing is true at the state level in America. The big-spending states, such as California, Illinois and New York, are losing population and economic share to lower-tax and lower-spending states, such as Texas and Florida (neither of which has a state income tax).
 There's a lot more of value in Richard Rahn's piece including the table mentioned above.  And for more on this issue, check here and here.