Monday, May 26, 2014

Anti-Capitalism Myth: The More Complex Life is, the More We Need Government

I go into great detail in my classes each semester explaining how this view is not just wrong, it's so colossally wrong that we need a new word for wrong.  But as Leonard Reed, writing for the Foundation for Economic Education in their new series entitled "Cliches of Progressivism" explains, it's not just college undergraduates that fall for this fallacy:
Argued a college president at a recent seminar: “Your free market, private property, limited government theories were all right under the simple conditions of a century or more ago, but surely they are unworkable in today’s complex economy. The more complex the society, the greater is the need for governmental control; that seems axiomatic.”
I'll leave it to you to click here and read the rebuttal to this view.  The article is not overly long, but it is powerful and is highly recommended. I also recommend you check out the other articles in this much-needed, excellent series at their site.