Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wonder Product: Nanoparticle Glue

A team of researchers from a pair of universities in Paris have published an article showing the amazing effectiveness of an innovative nanoparticle glue for medical repairs.  This new creation can be used both internally, on organs such as the liver and heart, and externally in the form of skin applications.  From a news article at phys.org:
...has just demonstrated that the principle of adhesion by aqueous solutions of nanoparticles can be used in vivo to repair soft-tissue organs and tissues. This easy-to-use gluing method has been tested on rats. When applied to skin, it closes deep wounds in a few seconds and provides aesthetic, high quality healing.
It has also been shown to successfully repair organs that are difficult to suture, such as the liver. Finally, this solution has made it possible to attach a medical device to a beating heart, demonstrating the method's potential for delivering drugs and strengthening tissues. This work has just been published on the website of the journal Angewandte Chemie.
Make sure to click through to the article and check out the photos of this incredible medical advancement.  Kudos to the researchers in France for this promising application of nano-technology! [ht: Glenn Reynolds].