Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Night Links

First up is a quote from George Mason University Professor of Economics Don Boudreaux on the nature of politics:
Politics is parasitic. Even at its best, it produces no goods of its own; it has only that which it takes from what others produce. For about 200,000 years, human beings produced almost nothing — the per capita economic-output curve is nearly flat from the appearance of the first homo sap. until the appearance of Jethro Tull and Eli Whitney. We’ve had politicians since before Hammurabi, but we didn’t escape the shadow of famine until a few thousand years later when somebody discovered that the wars fought over dividing up the harvest could be prevented by making that harvest bigger — and then figuring out how to get that done. Politics is a footnote — the inventory in your local Walmart is the headline.
Though I'm generally not a fan of Ralph Nader's, I must say that I found myself agreeing with several views of his in this interesting Yahoo.com article discussing Nader's latest book.

The title of this article says it all: "More PC crap from the Ivy League". 

This is excellent! "Millennials Have 'Historically Low' Levels of Trust in Government".

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