Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Night Links: In Dis-honor of Earth Day

In dis-honor of the ridiculous Earth Day concept, I give you four links to articles not likely to make your local eco-wacko happy:

First, and not surprising to those following this topic, a recent study contradicts Obama's claims that biofuels from corn are enviro-friendly.

Second, economist Mark Perry explains why we should appreciate the life-promoting value of fossil fuels, particularly on Earth Day.

Third, Perry (again!) has an excellent post about a call for the creation of "Capitalism Day" to counterbalance, and correct, the inanity of Earth Day.  This is great stuff and should be read by all OLS readers!

And lastly, from yours truly, a post orginally targeted at "Earth Hour", but since the idea underlying it is essentially the same as Earth Day, it's appropriate in this context as well.

Enjoy your Earth Day!

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