Monday, April 21, 2014

The Great Green Irony: The Rise of Coal in Europe

One of the delightful ironies besetting Europe currently is that their wholesale adoption of the green agenda is now causing so much economic and political woe -- i.e., the looming threat of Russia cutting off their natural gas amidst the on-going Ukrainian mess -- that there is a major movement towards increased use of US coal as a fuel source.  Why? The enviros have always hated nuclear energy and, of course, hate shale gas and fracking.  As a result, Europe has mostly shunned both of these sources of energy thus far.  So, what's left? Coal, believe it not.  With a hat tip to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, here are three links -- each bemoaning the situation -- on the rise of King Coal in Europe:

First, a massively enviro-biased article from The Economist essentially summarizing the situation in Europe.

Second, a Bloomberg Businessweek article discussing the rise of coal in the wake of the fear of nuclear energy.

Lastly, an article from INSEAD Business school asking "Is Europe Stuck in a Vicious Energy Cycle?".  Yep, and one of their own making.