Sunday, April 20, 2014

(Related update): Liberal bias on campus: College Presidents and Commencement speakers

Related update: PJ Tatler comments on the commencement speaker bias I highlighted below and hits the main point right on the nose with this:
Not mentioned are some Republican speakers every year who draw protests from campus liberals for one reason or another. Or who are booed. Or have some students stand and turn their backs on them. The hollow boasts about campuses glorifying diversity certainly doesn’t extend to diversity of opinions — which is far more important than counting the melanin content in the skin of students and faculty.
Yep.  I explain to my students every single semester that the only diversity that matters for humans is diversity of thought, and that that is the only diversity not embraced in academia.

Original post (3/1/14): An important topic OLS endeavors to cover is the massive left-wing bias on American college campuses (click on the "bias in academia" label in the panel on the left to see OLS posts on this topic).  Most of the attention focuses on the real, massive, corrosive bias of the faculty, but at most schools it goes beyond just the faculty.  The majority of support staff and administration are typically dominated by the left and, as the two stories I link to here indicate, so are university presidents and commencement speakers.  From an article at the City Journal:
Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana governor and current Purdue University president, got himself in hot water back in October for giving a speech to a Minnesota think tank. Not that anyone objects to Daniels making speeches in general; indeed, it comes with being a university president. In this case, however, the venue for the speech was the Center of the American Experiment, a conservative organization. And in the eyes of Indiana’s cultural elites, that made all the difference.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
And this Fox News report shows that in 2013, liberal commencement speakers at the Top 100 universities out numbered conservatives almost 4-1:
Of the top 100 universities listed by U.S. News and World Report, 62 have selected liberal commencement speakers and only 17 selected conservatives. The YAF said the political affiliations of the remaining speakers was unclear.
“It goes to show you how administrators are unwilling to reach out and provide an alternative viewpoint,” YAF’s Adam Tragone told Fox News. “There’s a plethora – a deluge of liberals compared to conservatives on this year’s list.”