Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Related update 3): Walkering away from Christie

Related update 3: Over at Powerline, Paul Mirengoff muses about the possibility of Scott Walker becoming the Republican front runner for 2016:
The buzz among Republican accompanying a big Walker victory [in the November election for Wisconsin Governor] would probably dwarf the considerable buzz that followed Chris Christie’s runaway win in New Jersey. Many conservatives had serious doubts (or worse) about the New Jersey governor even when he was riding high. No serious doubts exist for Walker, although most conservatives will want to learn more before embracing him as a presidential candidate.
Some interesting observations; click here to read the post. I certainly hope Mirengoff is right!

Related update 2 (4/2/14): In the original post (below the fold), I indicated that I am becoming increasingly more attracted to Scott Walker as a possible candidate in 2016.  Well, my feelings are getting stronger, particularly in light of recent comments he made about the $1 Billion dollar surplus his state of Wisconsin currently enjoys due to his excellent economic leadership:
"The additional revenue should be returned to taxpayers because it's their money, and my administration will work with the Legislature to determine the most prudent course of action," Walker said in a statement.
Walker has been talking with Republicans who lead the Senate and Assembly about tax cut proposals he plans to release in his State of the State speech next Wednesday. Walker's spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster said the governor wants to adjust income tax withholding tables to put more money in taxpayers' pockets immediately and is also eyeing income and property tax reductions.
Two rhetorical questions: first, when was the last time you read about a state actually having a surplus of government income? and second, when was the last time you read about a politician who wants to give it back to the taxpayers from whence it came? Scott Walker for President! [ht: Mark Perry]

Related update (12/2/13):  Christie just keeps making my decision to hop off his bandwagon look better and better.  Apparently he's gotten himself into a potentially big mess by failing to publicly declare his support for the likely GOP candidate for governor against the big government, statist incumbent Andrew Cuomo.  This is particularly egregious behavior since Christie is the leader of the Republican Governors Association whose primary responsibility is supporting GOP candidates for governor across the country!  From an article at the New York Post:
“Christie already has a problem with many Republicans refusing to forgive him because of his embrace of [President] Obama and his socially liberal policies,’’ said a nationally prominent GOP operative. “But this bizarre behavior in suggesting he won’t help a Republican defeat a Democratic governor, and a Cuomo no less, could finish off his chances of becoming his party’s nominee for president in 2016,’’ the operative continued.
The situation is a bit more complicated than I imply here, but it is definitely interesting reading. [ht: DrudgeReport].

Original post:  In two previous posts (here and here), I discussed my decision to abandon supporting Chris Christie for Pres in 2016 and my growing interest in Ted Cruz.  Well, after reading a recent Washington Examiner article, I believe I might just become a Scott Walker fan as well.  Why? Because he has many of the positives of Christie, without the baggage of his Obama Lovefest past.  From the WE article entitled "Scott Walker may be Chris Christie's worst nightmare":
He’s a problem-solving Republican governor who fought entrenched special interests in a traditionally Democratic state.
But he isn’t from New Jersey.

And if Scott Walker gets re-elected in Wisconsin next year and chooses to run for president, he threatens to steal New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s thunder.
It's a good example of astute political analysis, though admittedly built on more than a few suppositions.  Nevertheless, I found it informative and well thought out, and I definitely recommend it.[ht: Glenn Reynolds]