Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Liberal Bias in Academia

In a previous post, I looked at the atrocious behavior of various student and facutly member groups at Rutgers University and its decision to cancel Condi Rice as a commencement speaker.  In a related vein, Brandeis University, after giving its approval, has decided to reverse its decision to award an honorary degree to Islam critic and OLS heroine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Ed Morrissey, in an article at Hot Air, gives an excellent analysis of the various issues involved, which includes the recent honorary doctorate given to Obama by Notre Dame University.  In this excerpt, Morrissey raises two important questions about Brandeis's behavior:
So, first question: What did Brandeis intend when it offered Ali the degree in the first place? After all, her mission has been pretty clear over the last decade or so. There does not appear to be an alternate line of activism or scholarship taken up by Ali in the intervening time, so presumably Brandeis intended to honor her work in this field.

Second question: What changed?

That brings us to the third question. Did no one at Brandeis bother to Google Ali before offering her the degree? Her speeches don’t pull punches about her perspectives on Islam and its practices. It’s a little late in 2014 for President Lawrence to be shocked, shocked at “certain of her past statements” in relation to the work that they apparently wanted to honor.
 It's a very worthwhile article, and it's available here.