Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anne Wortham: OLS Heroine

In a previous Weekend Links edition, I linked to the first part of an interview by The Freeman with Anne Wortham, a black sociologist at Illinois State University.  Here I link to the second part of that interview, an interview that is captivating and awe-inspiring.  I repeat what I said previously: this woman is an intellectual hero and has an incredible amount of intellectual courage and integrity.  Here's a slice of the second part of the interview showing what I mean:
 On November 6, 2008, my letter to Americans that criticized their election of Obama to the presidency was published on the Rockwell website. Editors of the site gave the essay the title, “No He Can’t!” which did not reflect my judgment at all. I was certain that he could move the country further down the road to serfdom, and indeed he has done precisely that. It was among the 10 best-read on LRC for February 2009. And for five weeks it was among the top five of most read articles on the site. It went viral on the Internet and was reprinted in newspapers and various blogs. I was swamped with hundreds of emails, phone calls, letters, interview requests, and speaking opportunities. It was read by various radio talk show hosts. Emails have continued to arrive as late as this year. I would guess that over 90 percent of the responses were positive. I turned down all the requests for interviews and speaking engagements, as I didn’t want additional publicity to complicate my relations with students and faculty at ISU, and I didn’t want to be exposed to possible assault at a public event.
I consider this a must-read for anyone who follows and promotes the ideas that OLS advocates.  And I strongly suggest that after you read it, you share with as many people as you can.