Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Blogpost to Make the Progressives Green With Envy

Because after all, turnabout is fair play.  Specifically, I'm referring to a superb piece by Terree Summer at The Freeman looking at how the driving force underlying the Progressive's never-ending call for income equality is rooted in envy.  There is a lot of value in this highly-recommended article; here's the concluding paragraph:
A society that encourages envy in order to “level the playing field” for its citizens is a society that will implode from within. Oppressive government spending programs requiring high taxation and controls on individuals can lead to economic stagnation or even collapse. There is something particularly sordid about politicians who play on our envy. It is a game of power and control and it can lead people to justify using violence to take the property of others. Citizens of every country should learn to recognize whether politicians are manipulating them by playing on their envy. Only when we learn to aspire and admire those that are economically successful, and not be envious of them, will we see our economies flourish.
I strongly recommend you read this article and share it with friends and family.