Thursday, March 27, 2014

We need to do this to the USPS

I admit to being completely unaware that the British government privatized the Royal Mail last year by selling shares and raising $2.7 billion dollars.  The reason they did it -- and it's impressive that they admitted it -- is that the Royal Mail lost money constantly, was technologically backward, and absorbed too much time and energy from politicians interested in other pursuits.  In other words, it was in exactly the same shape that our postal service is in now.  Cato expert Chris Edwards had an interesting post on this topic a couple of days ago; here's a selection:
With this British privatization—and past ones—people have quibbled with some of the details. But, all in all, privatization in Britain has been hugely successful. Prime Minister Cameron should be applauded for having the guts to build on the privatization reform legacy of Thatcher, Major, and Blair.
Meanwhile on this side of the pond, Republican Darrell Issa is having trouble getting his own nominally conservative party to accept even small changes to the broken government postal system. Perhaps he could kick-start reforms by inviting Moya Greene to give testimony to his high-profile committee.
Click here to read the rest of Edwards's post and to learn about the "force of nature" Moya Greene.  Oh that we had a Moya Greene and a government willing to privatize, well, all of its functions (except those involving national security).