Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two "New" 3400 year old Colossal Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III

First, the photo:

Next, an excerpt from the story at the Sydney Morning Herald this past Sunday:
The world until now knew two Memnon colossi, but from today it will know four colossi of Amenhotep III," said German-Armenian archaeologist Hourig Sourouzian, who heads the project to conserve the Amenhotep III temple. The existing two statues, both showing the pharaoh seated, are known across the globe.

The two restored additions have weathered severe damage for centuries, Sourouzian said.
"The statues had lain in pieces for centuries in the fields, damaged by destructive forces of nature like earthquake, and later by irrigation water, salt, encroachment and vandalism," she said, as behind her excavators and local villagers washed pieces of artefacts and statues unearthed over the past months.
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