Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sticky Stuff

Researchers at the University of Maryland (my ugrad alma mater!) have developed a spray that has strong potential to make sutures and stitches a thing of the past.  With a hat tip to Glenn Reynolds, here's an excerpt from a report on this amazing new product from Gizmodo:
Surgeries, major or minor, virtually always require sutures—but they can prove uncomfortable and painful, or even become infected. Now, a spray-on film of biodegradable polymer nanofibers could replace them for good.

Researchers from the University of Maryland have developed a technique to apply a thin film of biodegradable material which can conform to the skin, holding surgical incisions shut and protecting them from the outside world. In fact, the team decided to use a commercial airbrush—usually used for paint—to apply the material, but then had to then work out how to make a suitable liquid that could be sprayed to form a protective layer.
For more discussion and a cool photo of the product itself, click here.