Sunday, March 23, 2014

So science and religion don't mix?

In this interesting article, the folks at RealClearScience present nine priests that were also first-rate scientists.  I was able to name just one (Mendel; Malthus was not a Catholic apparently) before reading the article, though I did recognize 7 in total.  Here's the intro to the article: 

Like the belief that vaccines cause autism or that GMOs are unhealthy, the notion that science and religion are in permanent conflict is a myth. This superficial argument persists, no matter how much evidence accumulates against it. Mostly, the controversy is kept alive by a handful of individuals -- some more obnoxious than others -- who have built their careers encouraging and exploiting discord instead of harmony.
The Catholic Church, of course, is the media's favorite whipping boy. However, the convenient narrative of a Church waging a two-millennia-long battle against science is drastically undermined by a long and inconvenient history of priests who were also productive scientists. Here are a few of them.