Monday, March 3, 2014

Media bias flashback: Left mocks Romney, Palin over Putin

There's a lot of hub-bub in the blogosphere at the moment directed at the left and it's previous mockings of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.  Seems that not too long ago, both opined that the evil Russian Empire and its leader was America's real long-term threat.  And both were dismissed as living-in-the-past, cold war leftovers.  Well, as events in the Ukraine suggest, both may have been spot on.  From an article at Legal Insurrection:
As Brian and Neo have previously posted, during the 2012 campaign Mitt Romney was mocked by President Obama and his cheerleaders for highlighting the Russian threat to American interests.
Romney wasn’t the first Republican mocked for suggesting that Obama wasn’t ready or willing to stand up to Russia’s leader.
In 2008, vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin warned of Russian troops invading the Ukraine.
The article contains much more, including a quote from Palin warning about a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Definitely check it out.