Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Introducing the 2015 Nobel Prize Winners in Physics

Andrei Linde and Chow-Lin Kuo for their work on discovering gravitational waves.  The discovery, which went public 2 days ago, is a huge breakthrough in physics as it appears to be the first "direct" piece of evidence predicted from, and supportive of, the Big Bang Theory of cosmology.  From an article at Popular Science:
Scientists announced today (March 17) that they had found the first direct evidence of the dramatic expansion that created the known universe, known as cosmic inflation, or the "bang" in the Big Bang. This dramatic expansion is thought to have occurred in the first instants of existence, nearly 14 billion years ago, causing the universe to expand beyond the reach of the most powerful telescopes.
Click here for the rest of the article which includes a 3 minute video of Kuo and Linde telling their version of events.  It's a powerful few minutes...congrats to all the heroes involved in this incredible human achievement!