Saturday, March 1, 2014

Harold Ramis, Ghostbusters, and Libertarianism

Comedy guru Harold Ramis passed away earlier this week, thus eliciting numerous accounts of his great contributions to comedy and entertainment in general.  One that I found particularly interesting, being a major fan of Ghostbusters, was this article arguing that Ghostbusters is one of the most libertarian movies every made! Here's an excerpt:
The movie's heroes are taken into police custody after the release of the ghosts. Once the assault by the ghosts causes apocalyptic chaos in New York City and the government is completely helpless in solving the problem, the mayor releases the small-business owners who once again save the day.

How many Hollywood blockbusters involve private businesses as the heroes and government regulators as the villains?
The answer, I believe, is very small. It's a fun article, well worth the read.  And for those of you interested in reading a honorarium to Ramis written by a leading libertarian, here's an article in Time by's prime mover, Nick Gillespie.