Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An ice cold, inconvenient finding

If the enviro's propaganda is to be believed, the Arctic Circle is yearly in danger of becoming ice-free, a unique condition unfortunately becoming the norm due to man-made CO2 emissions.  Except not, of course.  A recent research article comes to an inconvenient conclusion for the enviro's narrative; here it is with commentary from Anthony Watts:
This is interesting, somehow the Earth managed to reduce a good portion of the Arctic Ice Cap during the Holocene Climate Optimum from approximately 10,000-6,000 years ago without the help of the industrial revolution, fossil fuels, or automobile emissions.

This new paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews finds Arctic sea ice extent and thickness was much less than present-day conditions and according to the authors,
“Arctic Ocean sea ice proxies generally suggest a reduction in sea ice during parts of the early and middle Holocene (∼6000–10,000 years Before the Present) compared to present day conditions.”
The authors show how  8 different proxy studies reveal extended periods lasting hundreds of years without perennial sea ice in the Arctic [i.e.,ice-free conditions], and find solar insolation explains these changes. [Emphasis Marc Street]
Love the sarcasm in the first paragraph!  Folks -- Mother Nature completely, totally overwhelms the effect of humans on the environment.  This is just one, tiny example of that.