Saturday, March 29, 2014

Amazing and creepy!

Doctors in Pittsburgh are set to embark on a ground-breaking medical procedure/study that, essentially, puts victims of violent assaults into a state of suspended animation while they fix their structural wounds.  At that point, patients are resuscitated and brought back to life, so to speak.  Here's an excerpt of the New Scientist article describing the amazing, but somewhat creepy, process:
The technique involves replacing all of a patient's blood with a cold saline solution, which rapidly cools the body and stops almost all cellular activity. "If a patient comes to us two hours after dying you can't bring them back to life. But if they're dying and you suspend them, you have a chance to bring them back after their structural problems have been fixed," says surgeon Peter Rhee at the University of Arizona in Tucson, who helped develop the technique.
The entire article is fascinating, and the doctors who have developed the technique and are conducting the cleverly-designed research work deserve all the fame and glory they get if they're ultimately successful.[ht:]