Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This is going to annoy 2nd Amendment haters...

Most people know that Obama has been the greatest salesman for the fire arms industries in the history of the world.  And indeed, 2013 was a massively great year for gun sales in the United States.  Now when we couple that with the fact that violent crimes plunged last year, well, you get a combination very upsetting to those who would deny us our right to bear arms.  With a hat tip to Instapundit, here's an excerpt from an article at bearingarms.com:
It appears that Robert Heinlein was correct: an armed society really is a polite society.

The FBI has just released their latest semi-annual crime report, covering January to June of 2013.  Nationwide, forcible rape was down 10.6 percent, burglary was down 8.1 percent, murder was down 6.9 percent, and aggravated assault was down 6.6 percent from the previous period. Arson plunged a staggering 15.6 percent.
As for gun sales, well:
The FBI has released new statistics on NICS background checks showing 2013 gun sales hit a new record. The total number of background checks conducted for gun sales last year add up to 21,093,273, beating the previous 2012 record of 19,592,303 by 1,500,970. Texas conducted the most background checks with 1,633,278. Kentucky came is second with 1,578,331 background checks conducted.