Thursday, February 6, 2014

They're not kidding around

There's an interesting lawsuit in California getting attention recently, and it would certainly be a major blow to organized, unionized, teachers in this country.  So OLS is behind it big-time!  Here's an excerpt for an excellent post at Hit and Run blog:
Nine public school students, with the support of the educational rights activist group Students Matter (funded by optical telecommunications systems millionaire David Welch) filed suit in May 2012 against California and several of its educational agencies. As the students’ lawyers stated in a court filing opposed to the defendants’ (failed) motion for summary judgment, the rules they are challenging “prevent California’s school districts from providing even a minimally acceptable education to some of California’s most vulnerable students because they effectively prohibit school districts from prioritizing, or meaningfully considering, the interests of their students when making critical teacher employment decisions.”
In other words, public school teachers can't be fired, and their influence and expense may violate student's rights to an education.   Good luck to the nine students, their families, and all those providing moral and legal support!