Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The welfare "safey net" destroys human dignity

From a fascinating and very insightful post at the blog, Between The Lines:
And with regard to freedom, when one thinks of a net one generally thinks in terms of ensnarement. Of course that wouldn’t be the context here. Krugman’s talking safety net, like, for example, the net suspended below a trapeze artist. The thing about the trapeze artist is that if he misses the bar the safety net indeed saves his life, however he’ll only remain in the net long enough to sufficiently lever its elasticity to land him back on his own two feet. Safety nets are designed to land, not hold, the fallen.

Oh, and make no mistake, the performer feels anything but dignified (humiliated more likely) having landed in the net. It’s in fact his dignity that gets him out of there and back up the ladder as fast as humanly possible.
The left, of course, understands this perspective and, as a consequence, goes to tremendous lengths to convince the public that living off of others is acceptable behavior.  But lots of research shows that individual self-esteem and pride in oneself is positively affected through self-supporting behaviors.