Saturday, February 8, 2014

The British Invasion flew on Pan Am flight 101

That was the flight bringing the Beatles to America and, ultimately millions of Americans via the Ed Sullivan show, and it happened fifty years ago yesterday.  From Wikipedia, here's a photo of the Beatles arriving in the US and kicking off the "British Invasion":

And here's an excerpt from an article discussing the phenomenon ten years ago:
Turn left at Greenland. Carnegie Hall. He's very clean, isn't he? You've got to hide your love away. "Rubber Soul." Bigger than Jesus. LSD. Let me take you down. "Sgt. Pepper." All you need is love. The maharishi. Yoko and Linda. The rooftop concert. You never give me your money. Paul is dead. April 1970. "Let It Be."

It was all in the future then. At the time, on February 7, 1964, the Beatles were four young men heading across the Atlantic on Pan Am Flight 101. They were accompanied by their manager, Brian Epstein, and friends Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall; producer Phil Spector and his group the Ronettes; and a handful of journalists.
Great stuff...great stuff.