Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Related update): Well, let's hope it is "game over" for the enviro scare mongers

Related update:  Paul Driessen, a leading environmental activist, is one of my favorite global warming skeptics.  Yesterday, in a guest post at the most visited environmentalism website on-line, WattsUpWithThat, Driessen takes Obama to task for his stance against the Keystone XL.  Along the way, he lists a variety of ways that this project is good for humanity, including this item:
Jobs. KXL would create an estimated 20,000 construction jobs; another 10,000 in factories that make the steel, pipelines, valves, cement and equipment needed to build the pipeline; thousands more in hotel, restaurant and other support industries; and still more jobs in the Canadian, North Dakota and other oil fields whose output would be transported by the pipeline to refineries and petrochemical plants where still more workers would be employed. With Mr. Obama and his EPA waging war on communities and states that mine and use coal, these jobs are even more important to blue-collar workers in Middle America.
This is a good article, particularly if your understanding of the value of this project, and Obama's resistance to it, is minimal.  Definitely check it out. Also, here's an OLS post on the Keystone project from just about a year ago.

Original post (2/3/14):  From a news release from the Global Warming Policy Foundation:
The Keystone XL, a mundane pipeline project that escalated into a bitter proxy war over climate change and North America's energy future, moved one important step closer to reality on Friday. The State Department, in its final environmental review of the project, concluded that the pipeline, which would carry crude from the Alberta tar sands in Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf coast, would not – on its own – have a “significant” effect on carbon pollution. The finding came as a bitter disappointment to environmental groups and some Democratic members of Congress, who had urged Obama to reject the pipeline. The climate scientist James Hansen said building Keystone XL would be “game over” for the planet.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
 The above excerpt is from this article at The Guardian paper.