Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the other hand, there's this...

In my previous post today, I linked to several articles that cast a gloomy pall over the bitcoin alternative money concept.  But no sooner had I finished posting that entry, than I ran across two articles supporting bitcoin over at The Freeman.  The first of these is by Jeffry Tucker who is definitely bullish on bitcoin, even in the face of the Mt. Gox story:
I’ve been convinced for more than a year that this technology is the future of money and payment systems. It is so obviously better in every sense. But getting from here to there requires a messy process of adoption in real time. The demise of Mt. Gox is no exception.

This is why I was just thrilled to experience two wonderful evenings at the Bitcoin Center in New York City’s financial district. The address is 40 Broad, right on the first floor, right in the heart of Wall Street. It is inspiring just to the see the sign above the door. Bitcoin Center opened only weeks ago, in early February. It’s a beautiful symbol of a coming of age.
You can read more on why Tucker is so bullish, here.  The second item (here) is The Freeman's monthly Arena debate feature where two sides square off on a topical issue.  Currently, that topic is bitcoin.  Click over and read both sides, if you're interested; you can even vote for the argument you find most persuasive.  Check it out!