Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Green Cronyism

A major reason that both politicians and corporations continue to support the green agenda in our country is because it's a near bottom-less source of tax-payer and consumer supported source of cronyism.  The businesses get our dollars, and the politicians get all kinds of benefits -- in this instance, it's employment (not doubt very lucrative!):
Washington's green revolving door keeps on spinning.
President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has left the administration and joined an electric bus company he subsidized and praised while in office.
Proterra wrote: “During his time as secretary, LaHood was an avid supporter of EV transit, leading the Federal Transit Administration’s Clean Fuels Program, which was used to help fund the purchase of EV buses by several cities across the country.”
So LaHood used his power as a top government official to give taxpayer money to Proterra. Now Proterra is paying LaHood.

A Proterra spokeswoman wouldn’t tell me what LaHood’s compensation was or comment on the ethical issues, instead directing me to the D.C. office of mega-lawfirm Williams & Connolly. Williams & Connolly hadn’t responded to my questions by press time.
If the company is so valuable, and the product so good and beneficial, then why the need to force American's to support it? Surely profit seeking individuals in the private sector would be fighting each other for the chance to capture such an opportunity.  The reality is that this project, like virtually all green projects, can't stand on its own feet and needs corrupt government officials to use their power to force others to foot the bill. [ht: Glenn Reynolds].