Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let's update Obamacare, (again!)

Related update:  Here are three more interesting articles looking at various aspects of the Obamacare Monster:
First, an article that looks at the hugely negative impact the Monster has on the nation's young folk.

Second, an article from Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post pointing out that, now, even the liberal media is starting to grasp the extent of the lawlessness the Obama Administration has engaged in since the rollout fiasco.

Third, and under the category of "incentives matter", the Obama Administration wants to make it illegal for firms to reduce their workforce in order to avoid the massive expenses associated with Obamacare.  In other words, the government forces a destructive, immoral program on employers and when they respond rationally and try to avoid it, the government makes it illegal to do so.  Good thing the government is the servant of the people in our country. [ht:instapundit]

Original post (2/5/14): With a hat tip to Robert Tracinski and the Drudgereport, here are links to three recent stories about the Obamacare Monster:
First, the retailer giant Target announced it was cutting health care for its part-time employees due to the Monster.

Second, also from the Fiscal Times, it's not just retail firms dropping insurance, it's also the restaurant industry.

And last, the CBO releases a report that says, in effect, "Oops our previous guess on the negative impact of Obamacare on employment was a just a wee bit low...."