Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two current examples of media bias

The first involves Bridgegate, Chris Christie's on-going nightmare that is receiving an absurd level of liberal media coverage.  This fact is not lost on Paul Ryan, who publicly declaimed late this past week:
"Let me say to my friends in the press, I really look forward to this level of scrutiny of the IRS and their targeting of conservatives," the Wisconsin Republican said here, when asked about the New Jersey governor's travails.
The second example involves the recent indictment of a leading conservative critic of Obama, Dinesh d'Souza.  The title of Rick Moran's post at PJ Tatler captures the issue perfectly: "Media not very curious about d'Souza indictment".  Moran clearly believes, as do I and very many other libertarian/conservative bloggers, that this is Obama engaging in Chicago-style, political terror.  And the liberal media provide cover for him by refusing to investigate or question the motivations of such a petty indictment.  Finally, for a related analysis of this recent example of Obama thuggery, read this.  [ht: Glenn Reynolds]