Thursday, January 9, 2014

(Related update): This is something the Tea Party could work with...

Related update:  These results from a new Gallup poll fit nicely with those in the original post below.  Here's the key graph from the recent survey:

Note that in the Obama years, 2009 to present, both Republican and Democratic identification has declined, suggesting that many American's are fed up with their party.  A possible response: the creation of a third, legitimate, nationally-influential political party.  And as the results from the poll in the post below suggest, the support is there.  Click here to read more analysis from Gallup. [ht:].  And related: here.

Original post (10/12/13):  Results of a recent Gallup poll show a record high percentage of Americans feel that a third major political party is needed [ht:]:

Interestingly, Dems and Repubs come out about the same on this issue...additional insightful analysis available at the Gallup website, here.

Related: This is definitely related to the numbers above:

 Click here for more on the above graph.