Wednesday, January 8, 2014

OLS hero Matt Ridley on cherry-picking data

I've posted several times on some of the problems the scientific endeavor is having these days (here and here) , the preeminent example of which is the harm being caused by many global warming alarmist scientists.  In this recent Times article, science author Matt Ridley looks at the issue of selective data use and reporting -- cherry-picking -- generally, though he does a nice job of describing the quintessential example that resulted in the now infamous "hockey stick" graph so beloved by global warming alarmists.  From his article:
A relentless, independent scientific auditor in Canada named Stephen McIntyre grew suspicious of a graph being promoted by governments to portray today’s global temperatures as warming far faster than any in the past 1,400 years — the famous “hockey stick” graph. When he dug into the data behind the graph, to the fury of its authors, especially Michael Mann, he found not only problems with the data and the analysis of it but a whole directory of results labelled “CENSORED”.
Ridley's articles are always worth reading, and this one is no exception.  Also, he has an interesting postscript you should read as well.[ht:]