Sunday, January 19, 2014

King Alfred's bones

Well, maybe.  At least British archeologists are hoping that a recent discovery of a pelvic bone portion in an English abby can be identified as King Alfred the Great's.  Alfred ruled England in the ninth century AD, so this find represents a major archeological event.  From an article at FoxNews:
British archeologists are hoping they have discovered  partial remains of the ninth-century’s King Alfred the Great at a medieval abbey in southwest England. Preliminary tests suggest that a pelvic bone found in a museum box is either Alfred, or his son, Kind Edward the Elder. The bone was among remains excavated some 15 years ago at an abbey in Winchester, England, but they were never tested. Instead they were stored in a box at Winchester Museum until archeologists recently came across them.
The more history I read, the more excited I get when I see news stories like this one!