Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hey, you (government!) get off of my bitcloud!

OLS has post twice on the bitcoin concept (here and here).  In this post, I link to two recent posts at Reason.org's blog, Hit and Run. The first, by Brian Doherty, looks at a recent arrest of a major player in the bitcoin universe.  Says Doherty:
I wrote back in May about how, although there is no way for the government to destroy the decentralized Bitcoin network, it can certainly do its worst to hobble those trying to use the digital currency. And it is, alas.
Although the post is short, it's has additional links of interest, including one to a blog post Doherty wrote last month on the person who was just arrested.

The second article highlights a fascinating idea inspired by the bitcoin protocol: decentralizing the internet and turning it into a "bitcloud".  Here's an excerpt:
Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is taking the conventional financial system by storm. The Bitcoin boom has inspired developers to explore additional applications of the same fundamental protocols. Ambitious Bitcloud developers are asking, why not the use the same tools to decentralize the Internet?
The idea is intriguing and the article interesting, so check it out, here.