Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Waste is corruption

It's not just that the government is incapable of successful endeavors -- Obamacare is merely the most recent large-scale example of government incompetence --, it's also the fact that it is massively wasteful.  And I don't mean wasteful in the sense that with a bit more knowledge or learning, it might become a more efficient entity.  I mean wasteful with an element of corruption involved -- such as spending taxpayer money on items it clearly doesn't need.  Consider the following entries from a Washington Times article today discussing Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Colburn's Wastebook release:
$5 million for new hand-blown crystal stemware, paid by the State Department, just days before the government shutdown.
• $65 million of Hurricane Sandy emergency relief money that New York and New Jersey spent on television ads promoting tourism.
• $124,955 to build a 3-D printer to make pizzas for NASA.
• $566,000 paid by the U.S. Postal Service to a “futurist,” Faith Popcorn, to try to envision a viable future for the post office.
• $1.5 million spent by the FBI each year to review Hollywood producers and writers on how to portray the agency in movies.
There are other equally infuriating examples of federal government waste discussed in the article.[ht:drudgereport]