Wednesday, December 11, 2013

(Update): 'Tis the season for morons

Update: I just saw this over at Drudge and had to add it:
Harvard University students agreed by vote that plastic single-use water bottles should no longer be sold on campus, leaving the fate of plastic water bottles in jeopardy at the Ivy League institution.
While campus administrators cannot be forced to go along with the student vote’s outcome, organizers of the ballot measure say they expect cooperation from Harvard officials, who will be lobbied by the student government to comply.
Read the story here.

Original post:  First, Greenpeace, the environmental eco-terrorist outfit, for releasing a video showing "Santa Claus" informing children that Christmas will be cancelled this year due to global warming.

Second, to the administrators and their supporters responsible for suspending a six-year old Colorado boy for kissing a girl -- who he likes and she likes back, mind you -- on the hand in class.

Shame all those responsible in both these stories.  Just despicable. [ht:]