Wednesday, December 25, 2013

This will make Obama envious

For those of you under the mistaken impression that China is a place of growing acceptance of the morality of individual rights and freedoms, consider this frightening report from the GlobalPost:
Thanks to a new regulation promulgated last fall, all 250,000 of China’s journalists and editors will have to pass an exam on the “Marxist view of journalism” in January or February of 2014. In the several months leading up to the exam, the government has mandated that reporters take weekly classes to ensure “political consistency” with the Communist Party line.
“Some reporter[s] who lack ethics still have not surfaced,” one Marxist educator told the state-run Global Times. “We urgently need to educate media circles with the Marxist view of journalism. Such education can't be loosened and should be conducted in a long term.”
It's a hard article to read without getting worked up (well, for me it was, anyway), but it is interesting. [ht: carpe diem]