Tuesday, December 31, 2013

(Related update 2): He either isn't smart enough, or he thinks he's above it...either way, we lose

Related update 2 (12/31/13): Ilya Shapiro, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute and editor-in-chief of the Cato Supreme Court Review, published an interesting piece yesterday at Forbes listing the 10 most egregious constitutional violations of the Obama Administration during 2013.  My two "favorites":
4. Exemption of Congress from Obamacare. A little-known part of Obamacare requires Congressmen and their staff to get insurance through the new healthcare exchanges, rather than a taxpayer-funded program. In the quiet of August, President Obama directed the Office of Personnel Management to interpret the law to maintain the generous congressional benefits.
6. Political profiling by the IRS. After seeing a rise in the number of applications for tax-exempt status, the IRS in 2010 compiled a “be on the lookout” (“BOLO”) list to identify organizations engaged in political activities. The list included words such as “Tea Party,” “Patriots,” and “Israel”; subjects such as government spending, debt, or taxes; and activities such as criticizing the government, educating about the Constitution, or challenging Obamacare. The targeting continued through May of this year.
Click here to read Shapiro's entire list.

Related update (11/3/13):  In the wake of the Obamacare Monster rollout fiasco, many commentators are starting to question the intellectual capacity and abilities of The Chosen One.  One recent public foray in this area is this National Review Online article by Jonah Goldberg.  The article is well worth the reading; here's his devastating conclusion:
Why Obama didn’t do this and why it didn’t occur to him are good questions. Hubris obviously played a role, as it does in nearly everything this White House does. But the best answer is he didn’t know how terrible things were over at HHS. In other words, the chess master didn’t even know what pieces he had on the board, which is usually not something we associate with chess masters. It’s something we associate with people who don’t even know how to play the game.
Original Post:  Obama supporters like to point out how smart he supposedly is (personally, I don't buy it -- I think he's just narcissistic smart) and like to point to his background as a constitutional legal professor at the University of Chicago as support for this belief.  Well, as Larry Bell at Forbes points out, his track record as US President suggests that he either doesn't know the first thing about our constitution, or disdains it and thinks he's above it (my view).  In his article entitled "Professor or not, Obama repeatedly flunks constitution law tests", Bell notes
A central and sustaining purpose of that guiding document is to preserve individual liberties and restrain government from grabbing unlimited power. Yet the current White House resident and his administration have repeatedly ignored such trusts with apparent impunity.
Bell looks at several high-profile examples of Obama's complete disregard for constitutional restrictions on executive powers in making his case.  Great article, definitely a must read.