Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nanorobots to the rescue!

Not quite yet, but we're definitely moving that direction thanks to the amazing work of biochemical scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark.  The researchers were able to create a collection of self-assembling DNA molecules in the form of a "nano cage" that can potentially be used to target deliver drugs to extremely specific molecular-level targets in the body.  From a University of Aarhus press release:
A nanorobot is a popular term for molecules with a unique property that enables them to be programmed to carry out a specific task. In collaboration with colleagues in Italy and the USA, researchers at Aarhus University have now taken a major step towards building the first nanorobot of DNA molecules that can encapsulate and release active biomolecules.  In time, the nanorobot (also called a DNA nanocage) will no doubt be used to transport medications around in the body and thereby have a targeted effect on diseased cells.
Kudos to all the scientists and researchers involved in this potentially huge development! [ht:]