Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hollywood hypocrites

John Stossel, OLS hero of the first order, penned a spot-on salvo directed at the seemingly endless number of Hollywood stars who pine for Socialism all the while reaping the benefits of free-markets.  In a recent article at, Stossel astutely points out:
It's bad enough that celebrities trash the only economic system that makes poor people's lives better. 

What's worse is that many are hypocrites.

Celebrities who support big-government politicians routinely take advantage of tax breaks, which reduce the amount they contribute to that government.  It's nice that Obama supporter Bon Jovi has a foundation that builds houses for poor people, but at tax time, the musician labels himself a "farmer." He pays only $100 in state property tax. And his tax dodge gimmick: raising honeybees.
It's a fun article to read, especially if you're sick and tired of hypocritical hollywood celebrities as I am!