Monday, December 16, 2013

Heroic Manhattan skyscraper builders

The folks at The Objective Standard correctly laud the efforts of a collection of residential skyscraper projects in and/or near completion in Manhattan.  Commenting on this "skyscraper race", blogger Joseph Kellard states:
This “skyscraper race” evokes an earlier age of commercial construction in Manhattan, when capitalists competed to construct successively-taller office buildings, including the Metropolitan Life Insurance (1909), Woolworth (1913), Chrysler (1930) and Empire State buildings (1931).

Skyscrapers are quintessentially American architecture. New York’s world-famous skyline—which Ayn Rand described as “the will of man made visible”—embodies the nation’s pioneering and industrious spirit, boldly reaching ever higher.
Kudos to the developers of these new skyscrapers. May their achievements fuel Americans’ souls, enrich their lives, and inspire developers to push ever further into the sky.
Kellard's post provides the specifics on several current projects in Manhattan as well as a must-see  embedded 3-minute video on 432 Park Ave.