Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buying votes under cover of outrage at income inequality

George Mason economist Don Boudreaux sent a letter a couple of days ago to the WSJ in which he correctly holds Obama and his fellow "income inequality is bad" comrades to the fire by pointing out an important inconsistency in their position.  From his post of the article submission at Cafe Hayek:
If large differences in incomes truly are unjust as Pres. Obama and other ”Progressives” proclaim, then redistributing incomes from rich Americans to poor Americans does almost nothing to address this injustice.  The reason is that even the poorest Americans are among the richest people on earth today, not to mention in human history.  So given that the President and other “Progressives” really believe that transferring money from rich to poor is a justified and effective means of helping poor people – and believe also that large income differences are an outrageous injustice – then Mr. Obama and other “Progressive” politicians should have the courage of their moral convictions and call for higher taxes on all Americans, with the proceeds to be distributed directly to people in Chad, Ethiopia, Haiti, and other countries whose citizens languish in poverty unimaginable to “poor” Americans.

That the President and his fellow “Progressives” in Washington issue no such call suggests that the true aim of their public moralizing is to paint a pretty face on their selfish quest for votes and power.
Spot on, Dr. Boudreaux!