Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bone up on your exoskeleton knowledge!

Looks like there's some interesting and valuable applications for mechanical exoskeletons in the near future, as this interesting article from Popular Mechanics explains:
Argo Medical Technologies expects big things for 2014. In the coming months the company's powered exoskeleton, ReWalk, will be the first of its kind to receive an FDA Class II clearance—a decision that will help transition wearable machines from the rehab center to the home and workplace.

In the meantime, exoskeletons have advanced on other fronts. This month Ekso Bionics unveiled its Ekso GT, designed to help stroke victims regain an even walk, and in May U.S. Special Operations Command tapped industry for Iron Man-suit concepts (sans rocket boots and hand blasters).
 Read the entire article, here. [ht: Instapundit]