Thursday, December 26, 2013

60 Minutes of leftist propoganda

In a previous, unrelated post, I briefly indicated my disdain for the prototypical TV news magazine, 60 minutes.  I don't really want to give the show much OLS airtime, so to speak, but I did want to link to this post that just rips the show for its overwhelming leftist bias.  Here are the last couple of paragraphs from a post by Brent Bozwell at Newsbusters:
So why isn’t Carr upset about how Obama doesn’t matter, doesn’t seem to be president when things go dramatically wrong? Who is “minding the store” at CBS on holding Obama accountable? As with Kroft, Carr doesn’t care. Obama’s not the kind of “villain” that “60 Minutes” is supposed to hunt.
The left's formula is simple. If it's a "60 Minutes" investigative hit piece against a conservative, it's journalism. If it's a slobbering puff piece promoting a liberal, it's journalism.
You'll need to read the entire article to fully understand the above comments.  But it's an interesting article that does a good job examining a typical example of the liberal media bias that so thoroughly defines 60 minutes.