Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Links

Liberals love to hold Sweden up as an example of how a well-run, mostly socialist society can create excellent economic conditions; to them, it shows the superiority of socialism and the fallibility of capitalism.  Well, like most liberal economic positions, it's wrong, as Swedish economist Johan Norberg explains in this excellent article.

For those OLS readers that want to ratchet up their economic knowledge base, I strongly recommend listening to this recent edition of EconTalk.  In it, two OLS heroes -- Don Boudreaux and Russ Roberts -- pay homage to the recently deceased, Nobel Laureate economist Ronald Coase by discussing his massive influence on the field of economics.  You will not spend a more productive hour all week.

For a truly insightful article on Obama's worldview -- or, rather, lack thereof -- with a wryly humorous touch, I recommend this article by Andrew Klavin.  And, as a bonus, Klaving thows in a very funny 4-minute video discussing Obama's ability to produce more than just words with his mouth.

Why do libertarians disdain voting so much? And are they right to?