Friday, November 22, 2013

The emergence of Democratic calls to repeal Obamacare?

As evidence of how deep the Obamacare roll out debacle is, consider the following two exerpts:
“The website problems I thought, a week or two ago, were more isolated than they are. I happen to think it could be a more systemic challenge. And there may need to be a greater honesty — not an honesty, I’m not saying that people aren’t being honest — but a greater acceptance that they may have to step back and shut the whole thing down.
The law is so deeply flawed, with so many components in direct conflict with one another, that tweaking just one part will accelerate its collapse. The Obamacare debacle is just getting started — and it only gets worse from here. Repeal and replace. [Emphasis Marc Street]
The first is from former Democratic House Rep. Harry Ford, and the second from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, one of several newspapers in the last few days to explicitly call for repealing this monstrous piece of socialist intervention.