Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Euros on the Run: The Japanese Edition

The Japanese government recently announced that it would not acquiesce to pressure from the global warming alarmists and reduce its CO2 emissions by the desired 25%.  In fact, they declared that they were targeting a 3.1% increase in emissions, a statement that pours cold water on the UN's current efforts in Warsaw to form an new climate treaty.  From a Reuters article (ht: GWPF):
Japan set a new target for greenhouse gas emissions that critics say will set back United Nations talks for a treaty limiting fossil fuel emissions.

The new target effectively reverses course from the goal set four years ago by allowing a 3.1 per cent increase in emissions from 1990 levels rather than seeking a 25 per cent cut.

"This move by Japan could have a devastating impact on the tone of discussion here in Warsaw," Naoyuki Yamagishi, an official at WWF Japan, said in a statement at climate talks in Poland in anticipation of Japan's decision "It could further accelerate the race to the bottom among other developed countries when the world needs decisive and immediate actions to 'raise' ambition, not to 'lower' ambition."