Monday, November 18, 2013

LIberal Bias in Academia

Two interesting posts recently highlighting the massive liberal bias in our colleges and universities.  First, an article discussing the essentially non-existent punishment at Michigan State of an English professor who not only engaged in an anti-GOP rant in class, but actually threatened his students.  From an article provided by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:
The Michigan State University professor whose anti-Republican classroom rant was captured on tape in September and forced his suspension — with pay — will be back teaching next semester, an MSU official said...

Professor William Penn, who earned $146,510 to teach creating writing classes, said Republicans are old people with "dead skin cells washing off them" who raped the United States to get "everything out of it they possibly could." During the class in which Penn was videotaped by a student, he threatened any student who he said might be closet racists. Penn told the class, "I am a college professor. If I found out you are a closet racist, I am coming after you."
Shame on both Penn and MSU; simply disgusting.

Second, an article from Accuracy in Academia looking at, among other things, the overwhelming dominance of democrats in both administrative and faculty positions in American academia.  Here's an excerpt from a recommended article:
We at Accuracy in Academia conducted a study on the political contributions of employees of colleges and universities of the past year and discovered, not to our surprise, that college administrators and professors donate far more to Democrat and liberal causes, campaigns and candidates than Republican or conservative ones.