Sunday, November 24, 2013

Know what a Parker 51 is?

I didn't either until I read an absolutely absorbing account of the Parker 51 at RealClearScience.  Here's what the Parker 51 is:

And here are a couple of choice passages from the article to entice you into clicking here, and reading the entire fascinating article:
Ask most serious pen enthusiasts, and they'll probably return only one answer.
The greatest pen ever made? It has to be the Parker 51.
Today, the Parker 51's legacy is cemented into history. Recently, a poll conducted by the Illinois Institute of Technology deemed the pen to be the fourth best industrial design of the 20th century -- not just among writing utensils, mind you -- of any piece of technology.  [Emphasis Marc Street]
Re-read that last passage.  Now if that doesn't raise your curiosity, there's just no hope!