Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's fracking safe, dude!

Britain's health agency just gave a safety thumbs up to the fracking process, a declaration that is sure to be hated by the enviros.  Indeed, as Walter Russell Mead reports in a post at his blog:
Don’t expect this to sway recalcitrant greens; one activist pointed out that “low risk is not the same as no risk,” which while semantically true, doesn’t belong in an energy policy discussion. Every energy source entails risks, from wind (bird deaths, anyone?) to coal, from solar (bird blindness) to, yes, shale gas. The goal, then, shouldn’t be to eliminate risk, but rather to minimize it. This new review suggests that that’s possible with shale gas.
But good on the Britain health agency -- hopefully this will help the anti-enviros in Parliament carry the day and allow the country to start tapping into their plentiful natural gas reserves.